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first blizzard2012 Geopostings is created by Debbie Hanneman, a geologist from Whitehall, Montana. She has a Ph.D. in geology and her professional life in the earth sciences has spanned academics, government, and the private sector. She currently runs her own consulting company, Whitehall Geogroup, Inc. Her consulting work includes stratigraphic research, minerals remoteness assessment, hydrogeology, paleontological resource evaluation, and geologic mapping.

Geopostings and Dr. Hanneman can be contacted at: Follow me on twitter – @DHanneman.


“Stratigraphy is an awesomely stringent discipline. Stratigraphers are at once the archivists, monks and philosophers of the Earth sciences.”Robert Macfarlane, “Generation Anthropocene: How humans have altered the planet forever“, 4/1/2016.